Concerns & Questions About New Irrigation Systems For Maui Homes

lawn irrigationAre you wanting to get a new irrigation system for your Maui home? If so, you may have concerns or questions about irrigation systems that you need answers for. Any time you like, you can give our professionals at Steve's Plumbing Service a call, but until then, here is a little information about irrigation systems we can share with you.

Will The Irrigation System Interfere With My Home's Water System?

The irrigation system of a home is integrated into the fresh water delivery system of your Maui home. It is connected prior to the distributive pipes that supply water within the home. When installed correctly, you shouldn't have problems with the irrigation system interfering with your home's fresh water supply.

How Often Do Irrigation Systems Need Repairs?

That depends on each unique situation because there are plenty of times someone might mow over a sprinkler head and need repairs. It also depends on the mineral content of your water because hard water will clog the sprinkler heads and coat the pipes more quickly. How often you need to repair the mechanical parts of your Maui irrigation system depends on the manufacturer model you choose and the quality of the materials.

Do Irrigation Systems Need Maintenance?

Yes, you should have your irrigation system checked and maintained periodically. This can lead to more years of use and fewer need for repairs. The best thing you can do as a homeowner is to keep the irrigation system in great shape to keep repair costs down and increase the time between any parts replacements.

Winterizing your irrigation system is important prior to weather that drops below freezing in Maui. The technician can make sure to check over and test the irrigation equipment to ensure you know about any repairs that need to be made. Steve's Plumbing Service is the name to remember for all your irrigation system repair and winterizing needs.

What Is Involved In An Irrigation System?

Your new Maui irrigation system will be comprised of several systems that allow you to automatically control your lawn watering. It is a simple setup that includes a controller, valves, pipes, and sprinklers. The controller gives you full control over automation to set the system up on a schedule. Today's irrigation systems can be tied into any "smart home" feature so you can control it remotely from wherever you are with an internet or cell phone or tablet connection.

The valves open and close so the water is turned on or off. The sprinklers themselves are the fixtures that deliver water to your landscape. The pipes are laid in a trench when professionally done to ensure the best service and longevity to the homeowner.

For new irrigation system installations or repairs in Maui, HI, give us a call. We'll make sure your irrigation system gives you reliable landscape hydration you can count on and easily use for a lush, green lawn, healthy plants, and beautiful shade trees.

So if you are looking for a professional plumber in Maui, then please call us at 808-871-5325 or complete our online request form.


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