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Steve’s Plumbing goes all-out to be the best resource for the Maui homeowner. We like to offer important tips to those who want to know more about the plumbing in their home. Please come back on a regular basis, as articles will be added monthly.

Why You Need Electronic Leak Detection

No homeowner wants to have to call in a Maui plumber to take care of plumbing repair issues. Yet, at some point it's going to happen to every homeowner, it's just unavoidable... read more.

How To Solve Sluggish Drains Once And For All

There is nothing more annoying than a slow-moving drain that never works right. Just standing in a shower up to your shins in soap scum water is enough to make you want to clear out that drain. The problem really gets frustrating when every drain in the house doesn't work right.... read more.

Plumbing Tips for Maui Homeowners

The best approach to plumbing repairs is to put yourself in a situation where you don't need them, or don't need them very often. At least being able to stay in tune with the current condition of your plumbing will help you to avoid ending up with the need for emergency repairs.... read more.

What To Know About Commercial Plumbing Contracts

A commercial plumbing contract is challenging. You may think a sink is a sink and a drain is a drain. But residential plumbing involves only two floors at most while a commercial building could involve a vast plumbing network. Read more!

Why Cured In Place Piping (CIPP) Helps You Save On Pipe Replacement

Instead of digging out and replacing the pipe, a new flexible pipe is inserted into the existing line, inflated, then cured in place...... read more.

Concerns & Questions About New Irrigation Systems For Maui Homes

Are you wanting to get a new irrigation system for your Maui home? If so, you may have concerns or questions about irrigation systems that you need answers for..... read more.

Don't Wait For Emergencies To Find Plumbing Contractors You Can Trust

In today’s world, we’re so hit with busy schedules, problems, work, home, family, hobbies, and taking care of basic needs that it’s no wonder we wait until there's an emergency .... read more.

Tankless Water Heaters Benefits

Have you ever thought about getting a tankless water heater, based off a plumber's recommendation? Tankless water heaters are definitely ... read more.

Finding Leaks in Your Household Plumbing - Electronic Leak Detection

Generally speaking Maui electronic leak detection is used for locating leaks on underground water lines. Leaks above the slab and under ... read more.

Bathroom or Shower Installation

Contrary to popular belief, Maui shower installation does not have to be a major renovation project. You may choose to replace your old shower or bathtub ... read more.

Top 5 Most Common Residential Maui Plumbing Emergencies

Clogged drains, damaged pipes, and gas leaks are the most common residential Maui emergency plumbing situations that people summon their plumber for ... read more.

Tips to Avoid Common Pipe Problems

We've all heard the horror stories of winter vacationers coming home to a flooded basement! Pipe bursts are just one of the many common pipe problems that Maui homeowners may experience ... read more.

Handling Emergency Plumbing Repairs

The following list comprises the most common home plumbing emergencies. Before calling in your local emergency plumbing company, apply the repairs described below. Should the steps below not help resolve the plumbing fault ... read more.

Plumbing Check-Ups

To keep the plumbing system working efficiently, it is essential to perform check-ups on the system. Most experts suggest performing a plumbing check-up each year. Over time, a homeowner can expect to encounter some kind of plumbing problem... read more.

Kitchen Plumbing: How Well is it Working?

How well your plumbing is working affects how well your kitchen is working, so you want to make sure that it's always running smoothly. If you're a Maui homeowner, it's a good idea to stay up on how your drains, kitchen pipes, and sink are working... read more.

Plumbing Technology: What's New?

You don't usually think much about your plumbing until something goes wrong. If you are having a problem or are considering replacing some of your pipes or perhaps your water heater, it's not a bad idea to check into what technology has to offer these days... read more.

Unique Plumbing Hardware - Changes Within Your Home

Renovating your house could be very satisfying. If you are creative and determined to have different plumbing fixtures you must take your time in the implementation of hardware that you select... read more.

Water, Water, Everywhere: Plumbing Science Explained

Water follows physical laws based mostly on gravity and pressure. This is the main idea of the science of plumbing. The rest is mostly the exact effects of pressure and gravity on water, and how these factors control its flow... read more.

Plumbing Through History

Plumbing is known to have started with the Indu Valley Civilizations by 2700 B.C; they developed a system of standardized earthware plumbing pipes with broad flanges making use of asphalt to prevent more.

Plumbing Is Often Neglected in Home Remodeling

If you are planning to take on a home improvement project, the plumbing involved is probably something that is causing you to worry. Whenever you make major alterations to a property plumbing is usually involved and needs to be done properly. It is easy to gloss over the importance of plumbing in your home improvement projects, making sure it is done well can save you time, money and stress in the long more.

Why Is Radiant Heat More Comfortable

Radiant heat is like the sun's heat. It travels through the air until it finds an object (did you ever notice how hot the pavement gets in mid summer?). Typical heating systems rely on convection... read more.

Everything You Wanted To Know About A Plumber

A plumber is one whose job is to ensure that you are not standing in knee-deep water after every trip to the bathroom or every washing day, or every hour of dish washing... read more.

Questions To Ask Your Plumbing Company

Hiring a plumber is not as easy as just picking up a phone book and picking one. You need to make sure that you get a qualified plumbing contractor and not some hack. To increase your odds of choosing a good plumber there are some questions that you should ... read more.

Solving Kitchen Sink Problems

No matter if you are renting or buying your Maui home, everyone ends up with a clogged kitchen sink once in a while. Hiring a plumber to take care of a job can be expensive. There are several techniques you can use before you call in an expert ... read more.

Water Pressure - What Is Right For Your Home

When it comes to water pressure, what one person thinks is adequate might come across as a trickle to another. Because opinions vary widely, it is important to be able to make a determination of the adequacy of water pressure in some definitive way. That is ... read more.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are cost effective alternatives to conventional heaters, which require a substantial amount of energy. Easy to install, tankless water heaters do not require a storage tank to supply hot water. Tankless water heaters are known by different ... read more.

What to Do About A Leaky Faucet

If you have a cartridge-type faucet, a leak usually indicates that the O-rings need to be replaced. This is a simple repair that even the novice do-it-yourselfer can perform. If the faucet leaks from the handle, the upper O-ring probably needs replacement, while a drip ... read more.

How to Choose Kitchen Faucets

Choosing appropriate faucets for your kitchen sink is as important as choosing the shape and size of the bowl. Faucets come in all shapes and sizes. Avoid a tiny faucet on a big, bold sink, and vice-versa. Be sure that the faucet you have chosen directs water into the ... read more.

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