Plumbing Services in Maui

When you invite our professional plumbers into your Maui home, you will encounter not only expertly trained service, but plumbing contractors who are trained to deliver to you a tailored and unique service experience.

We enjoy our work and it shows! We look forward to welcoming you as a customer and being your preferred contractor whenever you have a plumbing problem in your Maui home.

Plumbing Repair

Plumbing Repair Company in MauiSteve's Plumbing, your Maui plumber, handles almost any plumbing project from small to large scale in Maui. Our plumbing experts have experience in many different environments, performing home plumbing repairs, installations, troubleshooting in any residential setting


Pipe Replacement

Plumbing Pipe Replacement Company in MauiIs your ceiling or wall above the sink wet? Does your toilet have a sewer smell that never seems to go away? These problems are all too common in Maui. Unfortunately pipes of all kinds – copper water pipes, galvanized pipes leak, drain pipes, copper pipes, plastic pipes and cast iron pipes have pipe problems and experience leaks.


Gas Line Repair

Plumbing Gas Line Repair Company in MauiGas lines are an important part of the functioning of many Maui homes and office buildings. The inherent dangers associated with gas make it imperative that gas work, installation, refitting and all other aspects are done by a qualified professional Maui plumber.


Plumbing Remodeling

Plumbing Remodeling Company in MauiAny homeowner that is remodeling their bathroom or kitchen will need to hire a Maui plumbing contractor. This plumbing contractor will be able to let the Maui homeowner know the best way to get the job done, and if the remodel will be possible.


Electronic Leak Detection

Plumbing Electronic Leak Detection Company in MauiAt Steve's Plumbing, Your Maui plumber provides electronic leak detection equipment that will specifically locate water leaks under concrete floors, eliminating wasted time and reducing repair costs.


Water Heaters

Water Heater Company in MauiAt Steve's Plumbing, we install and offer water heater repairs from all manufacturers. Most water heaters are usually a round tank with a heat source that heats water from the bottom of the tank and also maintains and stores the heated water until it is used.


Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater Company in MauiTankless water heaters are also known as instant water heaters. These units make sense for Maui homeowners for several reasons. In vacation homes they can be very desirable. Here are some of the main reasons why Maui tankless water heaters make sense as opposed to the traditional water heater.


Irrigation Systems

Irrigation System Company in MauiThe summer shouldn't be spent toiling over yard work, fretting about water bills, or untangling a hose. This is why many homeowners are installing lawn irrigation systems in Maui to help save on time and money. Plus when properly installed and utilized, lawn irrigation systems are even effective at conserving water.


Septic Tanks

Plumbing Septic Tank Company in Maui

If you have a septic tank, you need to take care of your Maui septic tank and drainfield to save money. You should not flush non-biodegradable items down the toilet. These items include but are not limited to condoms, ear swabs, dental floss, detergents, bleach and grease.


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